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January 18, 2008


Jennifer Fripp

Hi there! Can we get a copy of this 'quiz' you gave everyone? I would like to see where we stand! Also, we are kicking off the 'Apple Pie Ministry' we used to do at Victory. I am very excited to see God grow the church we are at...and also excited to see how He breaks through the traditions that are so tightly held to. I miss you guys terribly, but God is faithful and He is still moving!
Love and miss Victory!
Jennifer Fripp

jon Cannon

Hi Jennifer,

It's good to hear from you. I trust you and Shane and the kids all doing well. I'm also glad to hear about you guys beginning the "Apple Pie Ministry!" I'm sure that ministry will work well in the south! Many have emailed me wanting a copy of the bible survey I gave Sunday. I will post it here on by blog page.

Love and miss you guys,

Pastor Jon

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