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March 19, 2007


Delmar F. Hagen

Having just seen the Easter invitational seminar I must admit that even though I did not try to take it serious I was rather repulsed that anyone would take something so precious as the blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and make light of it. Truly the Gentiles boast against the branches and turn the grace of God into laciviousness. When Christ Jesus fulfilled all things and was given all power it wasn't to be lovey-dovey "buddy Jesus." It meant that he is to be feared as God almighty and although he can have mercy on whom he will he can in like manner damn with the wrath of God Almighty. I do not consider this man funny and personally feel that his type of Christians will split the gates of hell wide open. There is "one Lord," "one faith," "one baptism," and "one God and Father" who is above all and to be feared and not brought down to some form of Christianity that requires no diligence or obedience. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and the word says suffer a witch not to live. Vashti lost her place for rebellion and refusing the commandment of the King and men as shown in that clip will cause others to lose their place as well. I will respect your right to your views but I personally find this show devilish!
Delmar F. Hagen

Jon Cannon


Thanks for you comments, but this clip was NOT to be taken seriously. It's intent was to show in a humorous way how "not to invite" someone to church. Our entire evangelism strategy is to "invest and invite" people in our five circles of influence to our weekend celebration service and to our small groups. I'm sorry if you were offended. God bless.


Delmar Hagen

Brother Jon;
Thank you for your reply. I hope that I did not come across as being too upset. It is a fact that I do take the word of God rather seriously and upon receiving a flier from your church I wanted to check out the website to see what you believe.
When I think of the pain and suffering of our Lord Jesus who as a Lamb without spot allowed himself to be tortured and beaten beyond recognition for the sins of all of us I find it very hard to make light of his word. I find that every word he spoke is indeed coming to pass and those who should fall at his feet and find salvation by touching the hem of his garment would rather boast against the branches and think they can waltz right into heaven any way they please.
It is indeed true that we should have a desire to make the tabernacle pure but that of course is by faith in him. To take his word too lightly and not follow the entire word is to show a form of Godliness and deny the power. That tabernacle that we should be building is an spriritual house unto the Lord where the Holy Ghost brings to mind the rightly divided word of truth that is centered on the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Too many are opening churches that make their proselytes two-fold the child of hell as the men that think that a four year degree from man's school qualifies them to preach. The saints (?) that trust their eternal soul into the hands of these men speak different things bearing witness that the kingdom of God (?) is divided and when the time comes for their faith to be tried they shall fall rather than endure unto to the end.
The word declares that there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism and one God and Father that should be above all, in all, and through us all.
Instead there appears to be a different view on every corner and man tries to pack churches under the guise of evangelizing just to confuse people more and remove the fear of God.
The word shows us that there were many things that Aaron had to do to come before God without being struck down dead.
We do have an High Priest who is holy and is the only mediator between man and God. Unfortunately many shall find on the last day that they stand naked behind a man that preached a lie and both the deceiver and deceived shall find no place in the kingdom of God and be cast into hell.
When our Lord ascended as a sacrifice acceptable and was crowned with all glory and honour and power and praise he not only was given the right to show mercy on whomsoever he would but also was given the power to damn with the same wrath as his Father! That is the part that many today choose to overlook as a spirit of anti-christ sets in the tabernacle shewing himself that he is God to those who boast against the branches and manifest that because iniquity has abounded the love of God (Christ) has waxed cold and the strength of God has left them without their knowing as seen in Samson.
Truly many shall find that the Lord knoweth how to take the wise in their own craftiness and that these men that have professed themselves to be wise are but a fool as declared by the word of God that says in their heart that there is no God. Having put their thoughts before the anointed and rightly divided word of truth they have made gods of themselves and just as all that come before the Lord are theives and liars, they are but gods before our Lord that rob their flocks of salvation, steal the promise of salvation in Christ which is promised to those who diligently seek him, and destroy any hope of eternal life. Having taught this world to love and covet the root of all evil (love of money) and forsake diligence and sacrifice (faith with works) they have become wicked (leading in a way that is not good, or of God).
That clip showed me far more than just someone showing how not to invite people. It showed me the rich and highly esteemed that are but an abomination in the eyes of God as his word declares. It also shewed me a people that have not "laid to heart" the authority of Christ as an husband over his betrothed.
I didn't mean to go on so, but I do enjoy seeing websites on Christianity. Unfortunately, as safe-havens of sin they generally ban me when I mention my views. Thank you for allowing me to post my thoughts as I feel the Holy Ghost has revealed them to me. That is more than most do.
May God bless you.
Delmar Hagen

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