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January 19, 2007


Lisa Rooks

I think we all desperately need to be reminded of how long God's timing can be. How each of the examples in the bible, God's chosen messengers, went through a long period, often years at a time, of discipling and molding. It is such a hard reality to be faced with, once a person is saved and they are full of such fire and zeal for God that He needs them to be molded and shaped into what He had intended for them in the first place...and that takes time. That molding oftentimes hurts to the point of death, the dying to one's own self-reliance or the relying on other trusted people, other voices, other devices. God will strip away all of that and take His beloved child to a place where there is much pain and sorrow, much darkness and silence only because it is in this place that we can only see His face and trust His voice. Once we know this fully in every fiber of our souls and bodies, then God will turn the light on and lead out of that darkness into the light of His leading...where He'd been guiding us the whole time only we weren't able to see it before. And suddenly, it all makes perfect sense to us and we're the wiser for it. Ask me now what it means to "fear the Lord" and I will tell you. Not only do I fear my Lord because his chastening is hard, but because He is the only One to which I can ever depend on. His light is the only light I see and His voice is the only one I will follow.

jon cannon

Hi Lisa,

It has been good seeing you at church lately. I'm glad you are listening to His voice and following His lead. That's great!

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