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January 14, 2007



I like American Idol but I don't have to watch it every time it's on. I know people who do change there schedules to see their fav shows and I don't think they know they are doing it.

Jennifer Sigmon

I LOVE to watch HOUSE MD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David, Nic, and I watch American Idol together..it is soooo funny!! Nic loves to see those people get up there that can't carry a tune in a bucket! hahah Love ya Big brother!! jenn :)


American Idol was hilarious last night! Debbie, Kristen and I sat there and laughed the entire time. (Tyler was at work.)

Debbie and I did watch "24" on Monday night (I missed the Sunday night show). Wow! Talk about intense! It was great.

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