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November 15, 2006


Jennifer Sigmon

It's about time!!! Now if they would only get Prayer back in school!!! Love ya big brother...jenn

Delmar F. Hagen

It really means little to me as the word of God declares that we are to be a part of an unseen eternal kingdom. As the Lord said, My kingdom is not of this world, if it was my servants would fight.
Although the Lord our God has brought the light of life into a darkened temporal world void of any form of Godliness without him and has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus our Lord we still dwell in a temporal devilish world. We have to expect the darkened world to act as they do.
Just as the light makes manifest the darkness, so does the truth of God in his word expose the evil around. The sad part is when those who are supposed to be children of light actually are children with a light of darkness. Those who claim to be Christian and yet live for this world with no care about the spiritual things of our Lord.
It's good that Walmart has learned a lesson but that would not have stopped me from utilizing their facilities. I expect that type of behaviour from the lost that lust after filthy lucre.
I personally find the greater evil to be Christians that justify wealth when the disciples of our Lord were poor.
Paul was a tentmaker, as was Aquilla and Priscilla. Peter was a fisherman. Onesimus was a slave.
You see after your calling brother, that not many wise men after the flesh are called. Not many rich. Peter and John were esteemed ignorant and unlearned men except that they had been with Jesus. This is something those who wish to be rich Christians should take note of. They should condescend to men of low estate and seek the riches of the knowledge of God in Christ and not a huge bank account.
Christmas truly is a time to give presents and the Lord did give gifts to men. It's just a shame that the gifts of wisdom and knowledge has been twisted to make men rich as they conform to a world the Lord told us to be willing to forsake and hate.
But, if Walmart greeting people with Merry Christmas sets the minds of some at ease I am happy for them.
Personally, I'm just happy to know that the darkness around us manifest the light of life in Christ. Without that darkness we would not know the light just as without the light we would not know the darkness.
May God bless you.
Delmar F. Hagen

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