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August 03, 2006



Sounds like an awesome service - I can't wait! Vacation has been wonderful for our family, but we are THRILLED to be back. I have to admit, though, the thought of this service brings a little (or a lot of) sadness because I look at the date and think "Well, Kirk will be deployed again by then". It's hard for us at home, but often I think it's harder for him because he misses out on so many things as he serves far away. In this deployment he'll miss out on all our family birthdays, anniversary, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and he missed Valentine's Day and Easter with the 4 month TDY earlier this year. But God is so good to give us such good times when we are together. And he reminds us daily that life is not about the "big" days that come once a year - it's about how we spend every day that comes our way. So----- have a great day today!


How true that is! If only everyone would remember that on a daily basis!

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